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Functional Test Fixtures

The changing shift in test strategies, coupled to more advanced manufacturing techniques and reduced test access on PCBs, has seen a dramatic shift in test emphasis from ATE ICT test to both standalaone and integrated functional test solutions, over the last few years. 

Multex has responded to this sea-change and have designed a range of fixtures to cover most common applications, whether the requirement is for a single fixture to test small PCB's or a solution for a complete family of PCB's. The standard ranges offer both mechanical and pneumatic solutions, with the mechanical fixtures extremely popular due to their portability. Variants and additional features on the standard fixtures, are of course, readily implemented. 

Our standard mechanical fixtures are covered by two families:

Top Cam

PCB’s up to 300 x 150mm
Max probe count 90 approx.

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Bottom Cam

PCB’s up to 320 x 240mm 
Max probe count 400 approx.

Bottom cam sizes are also available with pneumatic operation.

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