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RF Enclosure

Multex understand that the world is changing - its going wireless.

We know that you need to test New and Innovative wireless products quickly and cheaply.
We have designed a cost effective RF Enclosure with a large aperture and operator friendly Lid, no catches to forget to close or screws to lose, just close the Lid.
The Lid RF Seal is made using Beryllium Copper gasket onto a machined plated surface.

The Enclosure is available in 2 standard sizes. (Custom sizes on request)
  1. 500L x 380W x 230H (mm)
  2. 560L x 450W x 140H (mm)
Enclosures are lined with RF Absorbent Foam. The removable Connector panel can be machined and customised to meet your requirements. Each internal face is machined with fixing holes to allow easy customisation and positioning of UUT Test plates, additional circuitry and antennas.
Each fixture is supplied with a blank UUT location plate which makes multiple test setups possible with product changeover a simple and quick process.

The Enclosure offers isolation up to -70dB @ 1GHz  to  -55dB @ 6GHz.
RF Enclosure Closed with Connector PanelRF Enclosure Open