Functional Test Fixtures Top cam Bottom Cam

Bottom Cam


Standard Specification  CAM-1 CAM-2 CAM-4
Max PCB Size (mm) 220 x 200  350 x 240 300 x 240
Max Probe count 200 200 400
Foot Print (mm) 370 x 360 540 x 440 540 x 440

PCB is placed on a fixed top plate and secured by a top gate assembly An actuating 
lever raises a bottom plate running on linear bearings to contact the PCB. 
Designed for higher or unevenly balanced probe counts and larger PCB’s. 

Options Available: 
  • Polycarbonate covers 
  • Probe up or Gate Closed Switches. 
  • Side probing mechanisms 
  • Pneumatic versions on request

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