PCB Assembly

Quality products are a result of quality design and quality manufacturing processes. Multex have years of experience designing and manufacturing production tooling for PCB and product assembly, ranging from SMT Print, Placement and Soldering machines through Press tooling for staking terminals, connectors or cables to Operator Hand assembly jigs and tools.

Most industry standard names are supported including Fuji, Siemens, Universal, MPM and Panasonic, and we offer a range of options and materials to match the customer's application and budget

Flow Solder Carriers & Reflow Pallets

Offered in a variety of materials to suit customer preferences and budgets.
Batches from 1 to 100+ available. Quick turnaround for design and production.
Full CNC manufacture enabling high quality and competitive pricing. 

Screen Print Vacuum Holders

MPM Vacuum blocks and Towers using House and/or sucker vacuum.
Fuji GSP 2-part blocks. 

Component Placement

Component matrix trays for non-reeled components or waste reclaim.
Underside PCB support pins and plates (Fuji CP series) and PCB overclamps. 

Operator Assembly

Dedicated PCB holding jigs for manual add-parts, component positioning or inspection. Rotating, Flip, swivel or fixed positioning.
Press tooling for connectors, stake pins or components. IDC cable press tooling.
Automatic assembly machines. 
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