Thank you for your interest in our probe guide.

Multex design and manufacture a wide range of test fixtures for Testing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and devices. A key consideration in the design of test fixtures is the quality and positioning of pins, responsible for making precise contact at different points on a PCB. Selecting appropriate pins, to create the most cost-effective bed of nails fixture, requires a number of considerations including the number and density of pins required and the type of point on the PCB. This could be a solder pad, a bare via, a plated via or a Plated Through Hole (PTH) lead.

Our Probe guide looks at the wide range of pins available and which are best for specific applications. When you contact Multex to design your next test fixture our technical team will discuss and recommend suitable probes as part of the specification process. This guide provides you with an insight into the variety of pins that can be added to your fixture.

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Multex Test Fixture Probe Guide