Custom Built Fixtures

We have been designing test fixtures for almost 30 years.

Breadbin style Enclosures

Test and production engineers choose our breadbin style enclosures for RF testing larger PCBs and products.

Draw Style RF Enclosures

Our Draw Style RF enclosures provide a pneumatically operated test environment for small to medium sized PCBs or devices.

Enclosure Style RF Enclosures

Our Enclosure Style RF enclosures are cost-effective, manually operated enclosures for small units to be tested.

Toggle Clamp Jigs

Our toggle clamp range of Jigs are a convenient and inexpensive Jig for simple tests on printed circuit boards with few connections.

Functional Test Fixtures

Put your device through its paces in a range of critical operational tests.

Top Cam

Our standard top cam test fixtures are popular with test engineers and production engineerswanting a low cost, easy to use solution.

Bottom Cam

Our standard Bottom Cam test fixtures are popular with test engineers and production engineers wanting to test larger devices.

Pneumatic Fixtures

Pneumatic fixtures are designed to automate the testingsaving valuable engineers time.

RF Testing

We design RF enclosures that can test the whole range of RF devices.