This specification guide provides an initial indication of the type of fixture you should consider in our standard range based on the size of the Unit Under Test (UUT) and the approximate maximum probe count. Remember we can custom build to exact requirements and even adapt standard fixtures. Our Test Solution Options illustrate how we can tailor your fixture precisely to meet your application.

Please contact us for further details if your chosen fixture needs modification or a bespoke build service.

Fixture Maximum UUT size (mm) Maximum Probe Count Pneumatic operation available Suitable for mains testing Suitable for high voltage testing
MTX-F4 Top Cam 160 x 100 60 No Yes* Yes*
MTX-F5 Top Cam 300 x 150 100 No Yes* Yes *
MTX-Cam-1 Bottom cam 220 x 200 200 Yes* Yes* Yes*
MTX-Cam-2 Bottom cam 380 x 220 200 Yes* Yes* Yes*
MTX-Cam-4 Bottom cam 300 x 240 500 Yes* Yes* Yes*
Simple Toggle Clamp No No No
Safety Enclosure Large 560 x 450 x 140 N/A N/A Yes* Yes*
Safety Enclosure Medium 500 x 380 x 230 N/A N/A Yes* Yes*
HiPot Test Fixture Yes* Yes* Yes*

*Optional safety kit required