Electronic products incorporating radio devices are prevalent in today’s market. They range from short range radio devices, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, through to cellular technologies such as 4G, 5G and private mobile radio (PMR). Multex’s RF enclosures provide you with a cost-effective means of testing your product.

We design RF test enclosures that can test the whole range of RF devices. We don’t just provide the enclosure or unwired version we also manufacture the full test fixture. It incorporates a well-shielded test compartment with integrated RF connectors and filter feed-throughs.

Our RF test enclosures come in three distinct designs to cater for a range of applications: draw style, breadbin style and enclosure style fixtures. All our RF Test enclosures are built to a rugged design giving you a long service life. They are all fully nickel plated, fitted with beryllium copper shielding gaskets and designed to deliver high shielding effectiveness.

Contact us to discuss your testing requirements. We can advise you on the best RF test enclosure for your application.