The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 define the legal requirements relating to electrical testing.  The Health and Safety Executives guidance for testing high voltage electrical equipment specifies the use of an electrically isolated enclosure to protect the test and production engineers conducting the testing.

Our interlocked safety enclosures provide you with the confidence to test your devices safely, rapidly and confidently. We produce safety enclosures in a wide range of standard sizes from small bench-mounted boxes with an interlocked hinged lid through to large sizes featuring dual doors with safety switches.

We also offer a custom build service, constructing your safety enclosure to the exact specifications you require.

Our enclosures are constructed from impact resistant transparent plastic panels and door safety interlock switches. Our interlocking door system prevents the enclosure being opened when testing is underway eliminating contact with dangerous currents and voltages contained within the test environment. Our interlocking system does not use the control system alone it isolates the power supply.

Our enclosures help meet the EN50191 standard for the Erection & Operation of Electrical Test Equipment. Call us to discuss your safety enclosure requirements.