Our toggle clamp range of Jigs are a convenient and inexpensive Jig for simple tests on printed circuit boards (PCBs) with few connections. Popular, due to their low cost and quick delivery times, these Jigs are frequently used to make quick connections to a programming header or to provide power to a product for testing or development.

The clamp is simple to use, but has no safety insulation features, so it is only suitable for low voltage DC applications.

Our toggle clamp Jig is simple to operate and we can construct it with a select number of additional options including balancing probes where necessary to keep a PCB level during testing. The PCB is simply placed over tooling pins to rest on spring probes. The toggle clamp swings over to clamp the PCB in position and creating downward pressure pushing the PCB against the probes. Additional options include: switches; LEDs; connectors; perimeter covers between plates; fixed components or interface boards.