Our standard Top Cam test fixtures provide a low cost, easy to use, testing solution. We offer two standard sizes to accommodate different sizes of devices and the number of probes required. We are also able to modify standard test fixtures or build a bespoke test fixture through our custom build service.

All our Top Cam test fixtures are constructed to high quality from robust materials. This versatile bed of nails fixture comes with underside probing and is drilled for all accessible test points. It can be supplied with a range of options including 2 tier plate configurations, supplied without the base can, making the fixture cheaper with easier access to the electronics where required.

Other options include: limited top probing; additional front or rear cut outs; carrier or probe plate stiffening for high probe counts or uneven probe distribution; installation of internal components; full wiring; micro-switches; interlocks and incorporation of polycarbonate safety covers.

Our F4 Top Cam accommodates a maximum PCB size of 160 x 100 mm with up to 60 test probes approximately.  Our F5 Top Cam accommodates a maximum PCB size of 300 x 150 mm with up to approximately 100 test probes. Take a look at our specification guide and call us to discuss which Top Cam is best for your application.